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Prep Instructions

No shaving immediately before your spray tan service. Shave the night before if you have a morning appointment , or the morning of if you have a evening appointment 

No deodorants or fragrances/perfumes before your spray tan service. These will cause a barrier between you and your tan, and can cause the bronzers to turn green.

No makeup! Makeup will cause a barrier between you and your tan leaving your face significantly lighter.

Use an oil-free exfoliant scrub or raw sugar. Exfoliant with oil base scrub in it will leave behind a residue barrier that can interfere with your spray tan, making the chances higher of not absorbing fully.

Do not apply anything to your skin after the exfoliation process. If you apply products after you exfoliate then you’ve just created a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solution!

If your planning on getting a wax done make sure to do it 24 hr before your scheduled appointment to avoid irritating the skin.

Manicures and pedicures needs to be done before your appointment. By doing them afterwards can result in color loss and even streaks. We highly recommend you get them done 24 hrs before you appointment.

Post Instructions

8 hr Developing Solution: 

Stay in loose fitted clothing until you shower. 

Do not touch any body parts or rest your hand on any body parts! The bronzer can transfer over to your palms creating a very unwanted color that's almost impossible to remove safely.

Please do not get wet while your tan is developing. 

No working out until you have had a proper shower.

Empty your bladder before entering the shower.  


**Rinse time: 8 - 12 hrs**

First rinse: Just rinse off with water unless you have a approve spray tan body wash product then use it on the first rinse. Make sure to use your hands to help rub the tan off. Do not use anything but your hands.

Pat dry and apply a Spray tan approve Lotion or Body Butter

Do not shave or wash your hair on the first initial rinse 

After the first rinse you can take a second shower in 4-24 hrs. If you are planning on shaving we recommend you wait at lease 2 days to give the tan some time to properly soak in. When shaving it strips the tan causing it to fade faster.

The same goes with washing your hair give it at lease 24 hrs before you wash it. If you questions you can always reach us at 210-802-1964

1-4 hr Developing Solution (Express Tan)

Our Express tan gives you the option to rinse the bronzer of sooner. Less changes to mess it up.

Stay in loose fitted clothing until you rinse the bronzer off. 

Please do not get wet during the developing process especially with a express tan. 

No working out ! Not even once you rinse off. We ask that you wait a full day before you do. 


It's important you rinse off at the correct time.  The longer you keep the solution on the darker it will get. With the express tan you are in-charge of your own results so we ask you be carful and don't keep it on to long. It's best to put a timer on so you rinse off at the exact time. 

*Rinse time: 1- 4 hrs** 

First rinse: Just rinse off with water, NO SOAP | NO LOTION | NO BODY BUTTER. You want to make sure you use your hands to rub the rub the bronzer off complete during your first shower session. Do not use anything but your hands and pat dry.

After the rinse you might see a tan line give or take. Over the next 8 - 12 hrs your tan will continue  to develop until it reaches its full color. 

You may apply some deodorant on as well as makeup.

Once the bronzer is rinse off your good to wear whatever you want.  

Your second shower will be the next day. 

What not to wear to your Spray Tan Appointment. 

It is very important to wear the proper clothes after your session. What you wear directly after your spray tan, it can either protect or ruin your tan. Please wear loose fitting clothing after your session.

Do not wear the following clothes as they are guaranteed to ruin the tan.

  •  Jeans

  • Scrubs

  • Fancy Dress pants

  • ​Athletic shorts with inner. ​

  • Leggings / yoga pants.​

  • If your going topless avoid putting a bra back on. Any Bra /sports bras will rub the tan off in that area. If you really need to wear a bra then use a strapless bra, or a lounge bra, but be aware that it can rub off. or simply tan with your bra on.

  • Tight spandex tank tops & tight dresses.  ​

  • Elastic bands at the bottom or anything with an elastic waist band.​

  • Tight shirts that need to go over your head.​

  • Sneakers, socks or boots or any shoe rubbing your skin. "Flip Flops are ideal".​

  • White colored clothing​

  • Always have an umbrella in case it starts to rain.

If your not sure reach out use via Text at 210-802-1964 and we will be more tan happy to guide you. 

210- 802-1964

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