Luxury Spray Tan Services 

Are you Ready to get your Glow on?? 

Our Luxury Spray Tan Sessions are tailored  to your skintone. Each Session is customized to the level of darkness you desire.

All our Spray Tans include:


  • Minor Contouring to help create a more slimmer Torso and fuller Butt.

  • Organic Drying Powder to help the tan set in and help you feel less sticky. ( Nut Free)

  • Spray Tan Sealant on your face to help the face not fade as fast.

  • Blending to make sure you look flawless.

  • Organic Prep Spray to help the tan develop even without any orange hints.

  • Barrier Cream to make sure certain areas don't over develop and end up to dark.

  • Each appointment includes disposables undergarments, nose filter, pasties and hair net. 


$40 - First Session


$43 - Regular Session 



$48 - First Session


$50 -Regular Session 


Our Golden Glow is perfect for those that want a more golden base Tan.

It's our most requested spray tan, you get to rinse off in as little as 6 to 8 hr. Our Golden Glow last roughly 7-14 days.

Our Express Glow works as fast as 2 hrs.  With this option you get to rinse off sooner, the tan still takes a full 12 hours to fully develop. Our Express tans are perfect for those that don't like the sticky feeling of our Regular tans and don't have much time.

It's ideal for those that will be running errands ,etc. For Moms with small children this is your Number 1 Fan.

With this tan you have to shower within 2- 6hrs. The longer you leave it on the darker it gets.

Anything past 6 hrs drys out the skin. This tan last roughly 7- 14 days 

Our Chocolate Glow is perfect for those that want a more of a deep brown color, helps to eliminate any orange undertones leaving you with the perfect chocolate brown color. Do keep in mind this is a violet base solution so if your more on the lighter skin tone it might show just a bit more violet on you but noting to crazy, once you rinse the violet disappears.  Rinse off in as little as 8 hrs.

This tan last roughly 7-14 days 

Our Ultimate Glow is a Anti- Aging Solution that helps turn back time.
Formulated with Super fruits to help restore, replenishing and balancing the skin
Complimented with a Body Wash & Body Oil.

Rinse off in as little as 8 hrs. This tan last roughly 7 - 14 days. 

Our CBD Glow is perfect for anyone experiencing any of the following: 

Joint and muscle pain, Inflammation, Muscle spasms, Dry or acne prone skin, Redness or rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis. 

This tan can be a Express or one of our standard tans.  Tan last roughly 7- 14 days 

Our Contour Glow is for those that would like to enhance all our natural muscles. This tan will change your whole outlook on Spray tans. Don't have abs but would like some? We got your back :)

This tan last roughly 7-14 days.  

Please Keep in Mind.

If you use Drugstore aftercare products it can affect the longevity and the outcome of your tan. We only recommend the ones we Sell. They have been tried and tested specifically for Spray Tans.

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We accept the following payments 


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Spray Tans are Non Refundable!

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