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Classic Glow $40

Mobile $50

Our Classic Glow is tailor for all skin tones. This tan develops for 8 to 12 hrs.

Leaving you feeling all Bronzed up. 

Express Glow $40

Mobile $50

Our Express Glow gives you the option to shower in just a few hours. This Tan is 

perfect for those that don't like the feeling of a spray tan on or have little ones that

can mess it up. 

Ultra Glow $50

Mobile $60

Our Ultra Glow is perfect for those that want a more darker richer color this summer. This tan develops in just 10 hours to achieve it's dark Caribbean glow.

Contour Glow $65

Mobile $75

Our Contour Glow is the perfect summer addition. This tan helps to enhance muscle divination as well as make your summer picture stand out.  

Teeth Whitening  $79

Mobile $99

We offer a all natural LED Teeth Whitening.The gel is formulated with sensitive teeth in mind, is safe on enamel, protects gums, and is a registered natural health product.

Touch Up $40

Mobile $60

My Coffee, Wine and Soda lovers, would suggest to do a touch up once a month or so to help keep them pearly white. 


*results vary depending how often you go get your teeth professionally clean*

Membership & Packages are available on our Booking Site. 

Please read our Pre and Post Instructions to prep for your Spray tan 

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Spray Tans are Non Refundable!

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