What do I wear during the Spray Tan

What ever makes you feel comfortable. 

80% of our clients do go nude but of that's not for you we do offer disposable undies, if you don't wanna use your own. 

What do I need to do before my Tan  

Shave an Exfoliate. 

It's best to exfoliate 24 hrs before your scheduled appointment.By exfoliating it helps to pro long your tan due to dead skin has been removed from your skins top layer. 

 Manicure and Pedicures.

It's best to do them the day before. By doing them the same day it can prevent color from developing around those areas. Buy getting them done during the developing process of your tan will result in complete color loss. (we charge a $20 touch up fee if your planning on getting them done after your spray tan) We highly recommend getting them done the day before. 

Waxing & Eye Brow Threading.

It's recommended to get your waxing and eye brow threading done 24 hrs before your appointment to avoid skin irritation and color loss. We don't recommend doing it while you have your tan on, since those areas will be significant lighter. 

Can I take a quick shower before my tan

If your planning on taking a shower less than 3 hrs from your scheduled appointment, I would advice you to rethink it. By showering less than 3 hrs before you appointment, has a higher chance preventing the tan to fully develop leaving you with a lighter tan than you wanted. 

Roughly how long does the tan last. 

It depends, each person is different. Using the right aftercare products play a big part in it.

By using drugstore brands it can reduce the longevity of your spray tan as well as how it fades. Drugstore brands have high amounts of alcohol and preservatives that is in it. Our aftercare products are tried and tested to make sure that doesn't happen giving you the best results possible.

Spray tan last roughly 7-14 days 

When should I book my Tan. 

If your attending a wedding or a event or your going on vacation, we recommend you get your appointment booked 2 days before the event. This will give us a extra day to make sure all the bronzer has been wash off. 

My tan only lasted a few days :(

There are many factors into this..

1. Did you shower less than 3 hrs before your appointment?

2. Did you use drugstore products?

3. Do you work out more than 3 times a week?

4. Do you take more than 1 shower a day?

5. Hot humid weather can make you sweat more. The more sweat the faster the tan wears off

How long is the appointments 

Our Studio appointments are anything from 20 to 30 min. 

Our Mobile appointments are anything from 30 to 40 min.

We take pride in our spray tans. We make sure you are absolute happy with your tan. 

Is it safe for pregnant woman.

Yes it is. But we do advice you ask you OBGYN prior to scheduling your appointment with us.

We use only the Natural & Organic Ingredients. 

Will I turn orange.

No. We take pride in our work. 

Each spray tan is customize to your skin tone to avoid this from happening. 

How does payment work.

For Studio & Mobile appointments, payment will be completed at the end of the session via cash, card, or Venmo.  

Venmo transfers needs to be made right after your appointment.

Tips are not required, but greatly appreciated

**No Checks**

What do I sleep in. 

We highly recommend you sleep with pjs that cover your arms and legs. If you prefer to sleep in something less long sleeve, we advice you protect your hands (use socks on your hands)

Will it stain my bedding & clothing 

Our spray tans do contain a cosmetic bronzer for instant color gratification. So the cosmetic bronzer might rub but it's water base so everything should wash out. If you have lighter bedding i would recommend you use old sheets or sleep in long pjs. 

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